Sorry, this event is not available anymore

until 17 April

3D painting workshop at K&O

Come and create your own 3D painting in a fun workshop at K&O on 17 April between 7pm and 10pm.

The workshop uses alcohol ink with glossy yupo paper as a base. Get inspired by the shapes of ecoline and apply them to the canvas. We then build up with paper, textiles and acrylic paint. If you want a coarser effect, you can also use tile glue.

For paper, you can think of magazines, cardboard, newspapers, wallpaper, silver paper and so on. For textiles, you can use fabric, gauze, felt, wool, lace and so on.

Using these techniques, you create a colourful collage on the canvas. The subject can be freely chosen, such as landscapes, fantasy animals or a particular theme.


  • €22.00 A small contribution of 15 euros is requested for the materials.