Saturday 27 July

Lie-down concert: Underwater/ Einaudi, Jeroen van Veen - piano

On Saturday 27 July, while lying down, enjoy the beautiful sounds of Jeroen van Veen at the reclining concert Underwater/ Einaudi.

For ‘Underwater’, Ludovico Einaudi found inspiration during the corona lockdown. In the stillness, he saw a new kind of freedom. And he expresses this freedom with his piano in this album. According to Einaudi, life underwater is similar to life in lockdown. All sorts of things are going on, but at the same time there are few outside influences. During this period, the pianist had little else but his piano, nature and himself. This makes the music on Underwater unprecedentedly pure.


  • Saturday the 27th of july 2024 at 20:00


  • €45.00