Huys te Warmont


Huys te Warmont
Herenweg 139
2361 EP Warmond
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Huys te Warmont is a historic 23-hectare estate, located in Warmond amid the National Park Hollandse Duinen.

Huys te Warmont is a charming destination full of history and natural beauty. Located on a 23-hectare estate in Warmond, this historic gem offers a beautiful setting in the middle of National Park Hollandse Duinen.

This estate invites visitors to stroll through park-like forests and past the 'huys' itself. Although the Huys itself is privately owned and not open to the public, visitors can still enjoy the ambiance and natural splendour of the estate. The Zuid-Hollands Landschap shows the historical character of Huys te Warmont by carefully maintaining tree growth and providing space for a rich variety of nature.